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Today is 06.05.2020

A Quest To Serve: A West Lawn Man Works With Local Homeless Veterans | West Lawn, Pennsylvania | Reading Eagle

Douglas W. Graybill Jr. has no illusions that he can save the world. He knows for sure, however, that he can make a difference – one veteran at a time.

Graybill, 59, who quit Wilson High School in the 10th grade to serve with the Marine Corps in Vietnam; and also served in Beirut, Lebanon and Grenada, is a tireless advocate for Berks County and other veterans, particularly those experiencing homelessness or lacking access to services available to them.

“You can’t rescue people,” Graybill said. “You can’t save them. But you can find out what people need, and sometimes you can help.”

Graybill often is up and out of his West Lawn home before dawn, carrying a flashlight and backpack filled with bottled water and canned foods as he heads to the banks of the Schuylkill River or into city courtyards where homeless men and women – including veterans – stay.

His goal, he said, is to identify the veterans, inquire about their needs and offer help in finding out whether they’re eligible for benefits. He is tireless in his efforts, working not only with homeless veterans, but those who are elderly, wounded, lonely, hungry or experiencing mental issues.

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