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Today is 04.02.2020

About I Am Waters

A personal Mission evolves


I Am Waters evolves to make way for a bigger vision.

I Am Waters Foundation, under the guidance of founder, Elena Davis, ceased Foundation status in 2018. In the decade since I Am Waters Foundation was established, the needs of the homeless have become infinitely broader and more deeply troubling. Homelessness in America has grown like a cancer that now touches nearly every town and city across America.

I Am Waters Foundation achieved its mission of helping the homeless, but with the changing times, we too must change and adapt. We now commit ourselves to the broadest implication of what it means to help the homeless on a governmental, infrastructural, and personal level from a thought leadership perspective. Stay tuned for new developments.

You may see references throughout this site to “Foundation” and “non-profit.” We were both of these attributes and have always maintained an excellent rating through the BBB and our many working partners. Any reference here on this website to Foundation and non-profit are accurate as it relates to the past. Moving forward we believe a more influential position for the organization is to work to shape policy, be a realistic voice for those struggling without a home, and be an informed thought leader in the space.

Thank you to all of our donors and volunteers for their immeasurable support. We saved lives. And it is this foundational level impact, work, and firsthand knowledge of the many systems designed to help the homeless that now propels us forward to use our knowledge to save even more.


Elena Davis

I Am Waters mission is to hydrate the bodies of homeless women, children and men who don’t have access to life’s most basic necessities.