I Am Waters

Today is 06.04.2020

You Are Invited

I Am Waters invites you to attend our second annual fundraising luncheon honoring J.R. Richard, Major League Baseball’s former starting pitcher for the Houston Astros and Supermodel, Jerry Hall. Hear their amazing stories of life that will leave you in awe.

We welcome also Crystle Stewart, Miss USA and television star; Julie Henderson, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model; Cheryl Tiegs, Supermodel and a host of other beautiful personalities as we discuss these concepts we hold dear: Hope, Love, Dream and Peace.

April 18th, 2013, 11:30 am
VIP Reception at 11 am
Minute Maid Union Station Lobby
501 Crawford Street

Chaired by Gregg Davis, Roger Clemens, Paul Hobby, Richard Fant,
and Steve Trauber. Moderated by Emmy Award Winning Sportscaster
Jim Gray.

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Fax: 713.871.8432
email: support@iamwaters.com

What if there was no hope?

“When you were born GOD already put Hope in you. Hope is such a part of you that it will sit when you sit, and move when you move. Hope helps guide you. Hope always looks back to see where it’s been. So it won’t make the same mistake again, it’s always looking to do the right thing. No matter what life throws at you, there is always Hope. -J.R. Richard

What if we had no dreams?

If I did not have my dreams, I would not have gone from Mesquite, Texas to Paris, France at age 16 to become a fashion model. Dreams are our future, and if we are lucky, clever and work hard anything can happen. But without dreams, there is no place to begin. -Jerry Hall

Dear Fellow Houstonians,

America was built on simple ideas; belief in a higher purpose, diligent preparation and unrelenting execution. It is often in the briefest of moments that great movements in societal change begin.

Throughout my professional baseball career there were many moments when my basic skills, honed through countless hours, years of preparation and a belief in my abilities — came down to the delivery of one pitch.

Those moments often determined the outcome of a game, season,
or championship.

Elena Davis, founder of I Am Waters, had one of those moments when she recognized in a brief encounter with one of our community’s homeless that two of life’s most basic ingredients, water and spiritual nourishment, were not available. It was from this I Am Waters was born and has grown over the past three years.

My wife, Debbie, and I have always supported our local communities through the good works of The Roger Clemens Foundation. We are honored to be a part of helping this great organization continue its efforts of uplifting the lives of the homeless one city and one state at a time; Texas, Louisiana, New York and continuing across America.

Roger Clemens

Water is love.

Entering the fourth year of our water program, I’ve been fortunate to witness a growing rapport within the homeless community we serve. I hear countless stories from our partners, who offer I Am Waters to those in need, that they have never given it to a homeless person who didn’t say “God Bless you and thank you.”

Being homeless is not a station in life. It is a process by which one rediscovers character, perseverance, resilience, and eventually a place to call home within and without. It is only possible by keeping hope alive and a sense of belonging to a community that cares. We unite, hold hands and accomplish this together; one bottle, one word, one life at a time.

With Gratitude,
Elena Davis

I Am Waters Foundation.

“There are no accidents or mistakes; in the end, everything, everyone and every experience we encounter is an opening — an invitation of sorts that will lead us home. We’ve all been hit with hard times — days, months or even years when things became dark and difficult. The wreckage can create the appearance of an ending that we are not equipped to deal with — leaving us temporarily broken. It’s deep within life’s challenges that we forget there is a center point to connect with, that will guide, nourish and protect us.

For those who have survived hard times and come through it stronger and wiser, we carry a healing wisdom that can be shared with our fellow American — those who are displaced and disenfranchised. Something as simple and fundamental as a bottle of water with a word of inspiration and a reminder to never give up—trusting that our best days lie ahead.
– Elena Davis