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Today is 05.31.2020

Tara Shannon

Tara Shannon | Supermodels of The 80's Luncheon

Tara Shannon

Supermodel, Spokesperson

About Tara

American Supermodel

Tara Shannon has been a workshop leader, spokesperson and coach on the issues of image, self-esteem and addiction for over 25 years. She has been a guest on two of Oprah Winfrey’s top-rated shows and has appeared on CNN, Dateline and NBC Nightly News.

Since 1997, Tara has traveled internationally as a facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, which Eckhart Tolle calls, ” a great blessing to our planet”. She joyfully brings The Work to both private and corporate sectors.

Named by Oprah Winfrey as “a woman of today”, and by Marianne Williamson as one of her “favorite Goddesses”, Tara is known for her vivacious imagination and contagious sense of humor. She now lives in West Palm Beach where she leads workshops has a private practice and is writing two books, both focusing on fame, trauma and spiritual perfection.

I Am Waters is one of the greatest of humanitarian movements because it encompasses every aspect of the human experience and meets it in the most inspired of ways. By giving water to the homeless, the foundation meets the most primal of physical needs, thirst. But I Am Waters also hydrates spiritually by addressing the most primal of human needs- the need for recognition, the need for love and faith, and the need to belong and be respected. How is it possible that one bottle of water can do all that? Because it carries more than just water. It carries a message of continued inspiration, leaving the doorway to possibility always open. It keeps hope alive.