I Am Waters

Today is 06.04.2020

Recycling Programs & Sustainability

I Am Waters Bottles Are Recyclable Because

They are made with PET that is 100% recyclable.

I Am Waters Shelter Partners Go Green

IAW has implemented a program for recycling and provides large recycling containers expressly for supporting our homeless shelters and service providers in their efforts to dispose of bottles responsibly.

American Made

IAW water is bottled in the U.S. (Lubbock, Texas) for two reasons. The first is reduced carbon footprint, resulting in less pollution due to long distance shipping and the second, is to do our part in supporting the American economy.

Our Homeless Friends Do Not Litter Bottles

Instead of throwing the bottles away to be recycled , IAW friends have collected, saved and cherished the bottles. IAW bottles have become a talisman to the homeless, due to the fact that it carries a word of inspiration; LOVE, HOPE, PEACE, DREAM and is made expressly for them.

Bottled Water Serves Dual Purpose

Utilizing bottles as a mode of delivery guarantees portable and potable water.

Alone In The World

Being on the streets outside the shelter environment is tough and scary, but is necessary in order to pursue housing and job opportunities. IAW bottles act as a tether to the individual providing comfort and a feeling of connectedness, while alone on the streets.

I Am Waters is dedicated to those individuals within the U.S. who are not domiciled, those who do not have access to daily meals, those who do not have cool air in the summer, and heat in the winter. There are many unmet needs in the lives of those who live homeless daily. I Am Waters commitment is to provide the one element, that no human can live without, in the safest possible mode of delivery.