I Am Waters

Today is 03.30.2020

Back in H-Town.

I Am Waters team is back in Houston (H-Town to us locals wink) Please enjoy a review of our Texas road trip to Front Steps and Mobile Loaves and Fishes (Austin) Presbytarian Night Shelter (Ft. Worth) All was a great success. I Am Waters Foundation delivered approx 114,000 bottles of water to our American homeless to the above shelters with a second installment coming mid-summer of same amount.

Our homeless friends had big smiles and enjoyed the inspirational words on the bottles in between sips….LOVE, HOPE, PEACE and DREAM are words that are fundamental to everyone’s well being, but even more so to those who have nothing. Physical and spiritual hydration for the bodies and souls of the many woman, children and men who find themselves homeless over this hot summer.