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Today is 06.06.2020

Bad Economic Times Create Problems For Homeless Shelters | Whittier, California | Whittier Daily News

As the number of homeless grow because of tough economic times, homeless shelters throughout Los Angeles County also are struggling to stay open.
And some aren’t making it, such as the Salvation Army’s Whittier shelter on Pickering Avenue. It closed on April 30.

Others such as the Whittier Area First Day have reduced services. And while the East San Gabriel Valley area has no shelters, homeless services may get cut in the future.

“We have seen some of these agencies having a hard time,” said Peter Griffith, spokesman for the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority that receives about $70 million and acts as a pass-through to shelters in Los Angeles County.

Federal and state money has declined and private

donations also are down, Griffith said.
“We took a hit off of $2 million both on federal and local governmental levels,” he said.

In Whittier, Maj. David Sholin of the Salvation Army said his agency closed its shelter because it cost $30,000 monthly but he only could raise about $10,000.

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