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Today is 06.06.2020

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How Do You Dream When You're Homeless? | I Am Waters Foundation

Did you know 1 out of 3 homeless are families?

Did you know 1 out of 3 homeless are families? The average age of the 1.65 million homeless children in the United States is 6 years old.

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In Sacramento, Budget Cuts Leave Homeless Without Bathrooms, Water Overnight | Sacramento , California | Huffington Post

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — Faced with a $200 million deficit accumulated over the past five years, Sacramento, Calif., like many other struggling municipalities, is severely cutting back.

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The Changing Face Of Homelessness

What is the changing face of homelessness?

Many may know that both single and two-parent families, not individuals, represent the changing face of homelessness in the United States today. One variation we don’t often expect is for that single parent to be a father. Please click here to view the story of Maso Mason Jr. and son.

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