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Today is 03.30.2020

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FOX Good Day New York Sandy Delivery

FOX 5 NYC morning show Good Day New York caught up with Catholic Charities about I Am Waters Foundation emergency delivery to communities hit by Hurricane Sandy. Read about the […]

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CultureMap Houston on Sandy Recovery

CultureMap Houston has a photo essay up of Hurricane Sandy recover efforts by I Am Waters Foundation. See the photos here.

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Daily Mail features I Am Waters TODAY Show Appearance

Daily Mail highlights I AM WATERS appearance on the Today Show, quoting guests Kim Alexis, Kelly Emberg and Elena Davis. ‘You have to be a model and multifaceted, but there’s […]

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Homeless Get Large Refreshing Donation | Austin , Texas | KXAN Austin NBC News

Water time! I Am Waters kicks off Austin deliveries with shelter partners Front Steps and Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

Water time! I Am Waters kicks off Austin deliveries with shelter partners Front Steps and Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

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Models From The ’80s Unite For A Good Cause | Houston , Texas | My San Antonio

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Modeling was Elena Davis’ way out of poverty. Born in northern California, her childhood was filled with welfare offices and transient homes. “At times we didn’t have enough food to eat,” said Davis, a former 1980s fashion model who founded I Am Waters, a nonprofit organization to address water deprivation among the nation’s homeless. “When you’re homeless and you’re poor, you feel like you don’t belong anywhere. It really erodes at your self-esteem.”

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'80s Supermodels Bring In Big Dollars For I Am Waters Foundation Inaugural Fundraiser | Houston , Texas | Culture Map | Neil Bush, Maria Bush, Joan Severance, and Jack Scalia

’80s Supermodels Bring In Big Dollars For I Am Waters Foundation Inaugural Fundraiser | Houston , Texas | Culture Map

HOUSTON, TEXAS — A collection of ’80s supermodels on stage and a ballroom full of glam social mavens, where beneath the frothy surface a serious cause was generously supported. A remarkable $400,000 was raised at the inaugural fundraiser for the I Am Waters Foundation, which provides bottled water, emblazoned with words of hope, to the homeless.

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Former Model Helps Homeless Through Bottled Water | Houston , Texas | Click2Houston KPRC NBC

HOUSTON, TEXAS — A former model has a very unique way to help the homeless and fight poverty. It’s a passion for Houstonian Elena Davis, who said she grew up nearly homeless herself. Davis’ face has graced the covers and pages of some of the world’s top fashion magazines, but now she’s behind the lens as the creator of “I Am Waters.”

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Elena Davis Interviewed at News 92 FM

Models Unite To Form Non Profit To Help People Without Homes In Houston | Houston , Texas | News 92 FM

HOUSTON, TEXAS — A group of supermodels are making sure Houston’s homeless are hydrated both physically and spiritually by handing out bottled water. The effort is organized by the non-profit I Am Waters Foundation. Elena Davis, former supermodel and founder of the organization, Elena Davis, as well as former supermodel Kelly Emberg actor Jack Scalia joined Lana Hughes and JP Pritchard to talk about how the group is helping to combat homelessness in Houston.

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Supermodels Of The 80's | Houston , Texas | KHOU Great Day Houston

Supermodels Of The 80’s | Houston , Texas | KHOU Great Day Houston

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Supermodels Kelly Emberg, Jack Scalia, and Founder & President of I Am Waters Foundation Elena Davis talk on Great Day Houston about the homeless and the need for water.

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Eighties Supermodels Then And Now: Kim Alexis, Kelly Emberg, And Elena Davis

Daily Mail: Eighties Supermodels Then And Now – Kim Alexis, Kelly Emberg, and Elena Davis

The term ‘supermodel’ has come under scrutiny lately as a word too often tossed around to describe a various caliber of models. However among the first women to be deemed supermodels in the Eighties, Kim Alexis, Kelly Emberg, and Elena Davis, have spoken about the vast differences between the industry they knew 30 years ago when they first graced the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, compared to the modelling industry today.

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The Changing Face Of Homelessness

What is the changing face of homelessness?

Many may know that both single and two-parent families, not individuals, represent the changing face of homelessness in the United States today. One variation we don’t often expect is for that single parent to be a father. Please click here to view the story of Maso Mason Jr. and son.

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Joseph Benson - SEARCH Homeless Services

What do Our Shelter Partners Have To Say About I Am Waters?