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Today is 03.30.2020

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Lamont Peterson: From homeless to world champion | CNN

Lamont Peterson: From Homeless To World Champion | CNN

CNN — Most people don’t go through life without hitting a few bumps along the way. For Lamont Peterson, that’s putting it mildly.

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Homeless Student Is Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalist | Brentwood , New York | Geek

BRENTWOOD, NEW YORK — Samantha Garvey, a senior as Brentwood High School has managed to become one of the remaining 300 semifinalists in the Intel Science Talent Search this year. Her research focused on mussels and her discovery that they change the thickness of their shells if a predator such as crabs are introduced. Why is Garvey’s achievement so impressive? Because she, and her entire family, are homeless and rely on a local homeless shelter.

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“Slab City” A Desert Haven For Recession’s Victims | Slab City , California | CBS Evening News

SLAB CITY, CALIFORNIA — Since the housing bubble burst, nearly 4 million American homes have been lost to foreclosure. Now 1.6 million children will be homeless at some time during the year — 38 percent more than at the start of the recession. As CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy explains, unemployment has driven some families to the southern California desert.

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Stetson University Offers Free Ride To 2 Homeless Seminole Students | Seminole , Florida | Orlando Sentinel

Stetson University Offers Free Ride To 2 Homeless Seminole Students | Seminole , Florida | Orlando Sentinel

SEMINOLE, FLORIDA — Two homeless Seminole County children who captured the hearts of TV viewers nationwide with their optimism and sincerity are receiving an all-expenses-paid trip — to college. Stetson University, a nationally ranked private school in DeLand, announced Thursday that it’s offering full rides to the Metzger kids, featured in Sunday’s “60 Minutes” show about families living out of their vehicles.

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Hard Times Generation

Hard Times Generation | 60 Minutes CBS News

SEMINOLE, FLORIDA — Scott Pelley brings “60 Minutes” cameras back to central Florida to document another form of family homelessness.

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Homeless Brevard Vet Finds Way To Get Life Back On Track | Cocoa, Florida | Florida Today

COCOA, FLORIDA — Phil Campbell, a former Marine, was homeless. With help from the National Veteran’s Homeless Support, he now has an apartment, a car, a job and is attending BCC. He works at the Chevron store on US 1 just south of the Beachline.

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Hydrating The Homeless | Houston Homeless Outreach Team

Sgt. Stephen Wick of HPD Homeless Outreach Program and friend to Houston’s homeless distributes physical and spiritual hydration with bottles of water from I Am Waters Foundation.

I Am Waters Foundation salutes Sgt. Wick, Officers Geraldo and Terry for their continued compassion, diligence and service to our homeless.

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HPD's Homeless Outreach Team | I Am Waters Salutes You

HPD’s Homeless Outreach Team | I Am Waters Salutes You

I Am Waters is proud to announce our partnership with HPD’s Homeless Outreach Team, founded and operated by Officers, Giraldo, Terry and Wick. Their mission is to make a human connection built on mutual trust and to offer support to our city’s homeless by providing assistance with housing; obtaining I.D’s; and step-by-step guidance, and help, with the obstacles that block the path for so many. They have facilitated housing for numerous homeless individuals in the short time they have been in operation.

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I Am Waters Foundation Spends July 4 Honoring Homeless Vets ABC 13

I Am Waters Foundation Spends July 4 Honoring Homeless Vets | Houston, Texas | ABC 13

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Life is not easy for servicemen and women when they return home after months, even years of war.
Fortunately, there are many organizations to help them. Now one group is using something as simple as a bottle of water to inspire our vets.
The government estimates more than 100,000 veterans are homeless. They live on the streets or in transitional housing, and while many of us take it for granted, they don’t have easy access to the most basic necessity–water.

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New Survey Reveals Age and the Number of New Homeless Is Rising in San Francisco | San Francisco, California | SF Public Press

The average homeless person in San Francisco is male, has lived in the city for at least 10 years, was formerly a renter and is currently faced without housing for the first time, according to a new city-sponsored survey of homeless shelter residents.

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The Changing Face Of Homelessness

What is the changing face of homelessness?

Many may know that both single and two-parent families, not individuals, represent the changing face of homelessness in the United States today. One variation we don’t often expect is for that single parent to be a father. Please click here to view the story of Maso Mason Jr. and son.

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