I Am Waters

Today is 06.04.2020

Dallas gallery hosts exhibition on homeless inspired art

MAC gallery in Dallas, Texas is hosting home•less•bound, a show discussing homelessness in modern America. Originally shown on his home state of Massachusetts, artist Robert Mateo Diago “explores the variety of feelings evoked from the sight, even the concept, of homelessness.”

“I drive around in the summer with bottled water in my car, and coats and sweaters in the winter. I’ve always done that, but it’s been hard to make eye contact. I’ve always been a little intimidated to do that,” he says. “Now I make a point to say hello, ask what their name is, and if I get a response from that then I ask more questions. I’ve had some really nice conversations.”

It’s a necessary reminder that homeless are all people with stories to share, if only anyone would ask.

Dallas Voice reports on the show here.

Gallery hours can be found here.