I Am Waters

Today is 05.31.2020

Dying of Thirst…Right Here In North America

Last time I checked, America was a developed country. And last time I checked, Starbucks wasn’t donating five cents per bottle of Ethos water sold in order to hydrate thirsty American families, because Americans have access to water, right? It’s always some other people in some other country that go thirsty. Not that I’m dogging Starbucks or anyone’s efforts to bring food or water to people who need it the most, but I was shocked to learn that right here in North America there are people dying of thirst — homeless people.In Maricopa County, Arizona, for example, the county’s homeless accounted for 19 percent of heat-related deaths in 2009. Though many of the deaths occurred indoors, in private residences, the homeless and the poor have the least access to protections like water, shelter and cool air.

via Jessica Rowshandel at Change.org