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Today is 06.06.2020

Education Honored At Homeless Shelter | Omaha , Nebraska | 6 WOWT NBC News

The statistics can be alarming. At the Open Door Mission, a majority of the adult population reads at a third grade level. That’s why 55 of the children living there were honored Monday night for academic achievement. It’s a key to breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

“We are very proud of you,” said one of the organizers.

High school sophomore Kaylin Caudell hasn’t been on the honor roll since middle school. It is quite an achievement since she’s living at the Lydia House — a family shelter — with her brother and mother.

If not for this place, Kaylin said, “”Me and Tyler would probably be with our dad — and mom would probably be in a shelter or Oregon. I’d rather she was in Oregon than on the streets.”

Chances are if you’re homeless, you’re more likely to repeat your current grade.

“I had a difficult time in Kansas City,” said Trevon Jones,who moved in with his mother in October.

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via 6 WOWT NBC News