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Today is 06.07.2020

Extreme Heat Causes Emergency Shelters To Overflow | Independence, Missouri | KMBC ABC 9

The Salvation Army homeless shelter in Independence, Mo., is overflowing with people trying to escape the heat.
The Crossroads shelter on Truman Road is the Salvation Army’s only 24-hour shelter.
KMBC’s Bev Chapman reported that the shelter has 10 rooms and usually serves as a temporary shelter for homeless families.
The shelter has a 60-bed capacity, and on Thursday night it had set up extra cots to try and squeeze in an additional 20 people.
Major Butch Frost of the Salvation Army told Chapman said the shelter is bursting at the seams. He also said he might have to open the community center next door to set up more cots to accommodate more people.
“What we’re seeing is that those who are homeless, some who are living in tents, some who are just living on the street somewhere, just can’t handle the heat anymore,” Frost said. “And we’re also seeing families. Last night we had two families here because the AC went out in their homes. So they’re here with us until they get fixed.”

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via ABC 9 Missouri | KMBC.com