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Today is 05.29.2020

Facing Homelessness During The Holidays | Sioux Falls , South Dakota | KSFY ABC

1 in 45 children are homeless in the United States. That is a statistic found in the latest study from the National Center on Family Homelessness. The same report shows a 33% increase the number of homeless children since 2007.

We visited the Sioux Falls School District and found for them, at least, the trend is not nearly as drastic, but it is similar.

As of November there were 623 homeless students enrolled. That is 25 more children than the same time last year and it’s a statistic that is particularly difficult to hear this time of year.

With more than 600 homeless students enrolled, the Sioux Falls School District has some challenges to try to ensure they have a happy school life. Traci Jensen is a social worker for the district’s homeless education department. She says they, “try and alleviate those barriers that our homeless students face to getting an education and also providing stability within their education.”

Jensen says her work goes beyond just helping the students, she also puts homeless families in touch with local resources that offer help. She says, “we make sure they know where they are, what they have to offer, and if they need a referral, we can provide that referral.”

Jensen says the holiday season is a particularly tough time for homeless students to feel a sense of normalcy and stability. She says, “a variety of other agencies in town that do provide help around the holiday time, specifically with Christmas presents.”

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