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Today is 06.06.2020

First Winter Shelter Opens As Homeless Crisis Worsens | Providence, Texas | Cranston Patch

The first winter shelter of the year opened in Providence today. Advocates for the homeless said this year, the bad economy has more families seeking shelter, eight people have died on the street and there is a deficit of 273 shelter spaces.

Dan Villani, Bruce Yeoman, Bruce Tatarian, Joe Connors, Joe Carroll, Wayne Freeman, Lance Ellis.

Those are the names of eight men who have died on the street this year.

The unprecedented numbers of homeless Rhode Islanders heading into winter last year was a cause of shock and alarm among advocates for homeless prevention, shelter operators and social workers.

The numbers heading into this winter are far worse.

The Diocese of Providence and advocates for the homeless this morning marked the opening of this year’s first winter emergency shelter with a call for state leaders to address the state’s homeless crisis. And they said what was considered a crisis then is now becoming the new trend, shaped by a difficult economy, bad job market and widespread foreclosures.

In a large room at the Diocese’s Emmanuel House in Providence, narrow mats occupied a portion of the floor in front of a podium behind which Bishop Thomas J. Tobin said the Diocese would provide use of the former daycare facility for the second year in a row. He also announced a $5,000 grant from the Catholic Charity Appeal for upgrades “to meet the basic needs of those who will stay here during the upcoming season.”

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