I Am Waters

Today is 06.05.2020

Former Model Helps Homeless Through Bottled Water | Houston , Texas | Click2Houston KPRC NBC

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A former model has a very unique way to help the homeless and fight poverty.

It’s a passion for Houstonian Elena Davis, who said she grew up nearly homeless herself.

Davis’ face has graced the covers and pages of some of the world’s top fashion magazines, but now she’s behind the lens as the creator of “I Am Waters.”

Before traveling the world, Davis grew up in less than glamorous conditions.

After being introduced to a photographer, Davis signed on with the renowned Ford agency. She modeled for 15 years before marrying successful oilman Greg Davis.

But despite the total change in her life, she never forgot her past and what it was like living on the streets.

She took pictures of the homeless and realized what they truly need to survive is water. From there, “I Am Waters” was born.