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Today is 05.29.2020

Former Model Uses Photography and Water to Help America’s Homeless | Houston, Texas | 11 KHOU Eyewitness News

HOUSTON — A former model is using the images of local veterans to help fight poverty and homelessness.

Elena Davis’ face has graced the cover and pages of some of the world’s top fashion magazines but now she’s behind the lens and the woman behind I Am Waters.

The Houston-based organization delivers bottled water to homeless people across America.

She was in Houston Thursday taking photos of veterans who are currently staying at the Midtown Terrace. The Midtown Terrace is run by the U.S. Vets Houston.

“How do you justify having someone who has fought for our country to be homeless?” Davis said. “There are a lot of preconceived notions as to who the homeless are, so we photograph the homeless and we use those images on our website on our community outreach.”

It’s a passion for the former model. Davis said she grew up nearly homeless herself.

“I think it’s interesting because I don’t look like where I came from, and so I think people are always kind of surprised,” she said.

And that’s the point. Davis said the homeless aren’t who you think they are.

And through I Am Waters she hopes to educate and hydrate people.

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