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Today is 06.07.2020

Girl Collects Blankets For Homeless At Her Birthday Party | Dallas , Texas | WFAA Dallas

Meredith Hallett turned eight this year, and she celebrated in a unique way.
“I had a birthday party at Sleep Experts, and most of my friends came — especially my friends that are in Girl Scouts,” she said. “We brought a little over 50 blankets.”
It’s a great idea from a girl whose Scout troop decided to collect and give to the Share the Warmth Blanket Drive. It’s a way to make sure the homeless have a warm blanket as we move into the winter months.
It’s a bonus for homeless women like Cambrielle Macon, who lives at the Gateway shelter.
“The first step is to admit that you need the help and actually coming through that door,” Macon said. “So, I’m here.”
Macon is now looking forward to rebuilding her life… with a little help.
“A lot of people out here don’t have a chance to sleep with blankets at night, and I appreciate it, because I know we need the help,” she said.

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via WFAA Dallas