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Today is 06.06.2020

Halle Berry And Daniel Craig Made It From The Streets To Stardom, But Not All Stories Have Hollywood Endings | Los Angeles , California | Fox News

With big dreams of becoming a famous actor, a 20-year-old struggling male model moved to Hollywood from his small Midwest hometown in 2005. Without a penny to his name, and unable to find work, he was soon evicted from his L.A. apartment, and found himself one of Hollywood’s thousands of homeless.
“I don’t have wealthy parents, and they couldn’t help me. Either I sleep on the streets or I move home. Amazing what you will do to be an actor,” he told FOX411.com’s Pop Tarts column. “The best place was sleeping at the 7-11 in Hollywood until I figured out a way to get on my feet. I still made auditions, and no one had any clue I was homeless. It was hard to find places to clean up, but I got by.”
After six months on the streets, he got his big break: a role in an independent film. Making more friends and contacts in the industry, he also managed to find a couch to sleep on, and continued to score more work. Today, the actor boasts credits including a successful network sitcom and a role in one of the biggest super hero film franchises in history.
His story had a happy ending, as do those of Oscar winners Hilary Swank and Halle Berry, and “James Bond” star Daniel Craig, all of whom once called the streets home. But for every performer who makes it, there are thousands of others who don’t. Of the 84,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County, experts say many are not the ‘typical’ homeless you find in other cities struggling with substance abuse, mental health and family issues. Instead they are dreamers who came to L.A. with nothing, and have yet to get their big break.
Or even a small one.

A homeless man in Santa Monica, Ca. who declined to give his name, told FOX411’s Pop Tarts that he rehearses Shakespeare monologues and practices guitar every day, waiting for an agent to hear him. A fashion model told us she recently went rollerblading along Venice Beach and was shocked to find her ex-boyfriend, once a promising actor, now living with a group of homeless young people.