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Today is 06.06.2020

Harlem High School Student Who Survived Cancer, Mother’s Death & Homelessness Awarded Scholarship | New York | NYDailyNews.com

Cedric Walton has not lived a charmed life.

It has been him and his grandmother against the world, weathering what most people couldn’t even if they lived 10 lifetimes.

A mother dead of AIDS when Cedric was 3. A father nowhere to be found; an aunt who drowned before his eyes two years ago – and living in one room in an East Harlem homeless shelter.

And then a diagnosis of lung cancer at age 17.

It is a miracle the soft-spoken Harlem kid is still standing, let alone graduating from Frederick Douglass Academy high school next week – and on his way to SUNY Albany on a full scholarship in the fall.

“We’ve had kids with illness before, but we have never had a kid that was so positive, so resilient, even though he was in so much pain,” said longtime Frederick Douglass Academy Principal Gregory Hodge.

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via New York Daily News