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Today is 06.06.2020

Heat Threatens the Vulnerable, Including Homeless | Wisconsin | WUWM MilWaukee Public Radio

Much of Wisconsin is in for another day of oppressive heat Wednesday.

The heat index – the way the temperature feels — is expected to push well above 100 degrees.

Among the most vulnerable are people who don’t have a cool place to stay. WUWM’s

Ann-Elise Henzl visited a shelter working to keep homeless people safe.

Fifty-five year old Larry Cook is unemployed and homeless. He spent Tuesday at the Repairers of the Breach daytime shelter, on the western edge of downtown Milwaukee.

Cook says it’s a new experience to seek refuge because of the heat, not the cold.

“I was in here when we had that snowstorm, because when the temperatures go down they stay open, they stay open all night,” Cook says.

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