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Today is 04.08.2020

Helping Other Vets Along Road She Trod | Washington D.C. , The Washington Post

In the fellowship hall of her Southeast Washington church, Ginger Miller stood before a room of about 15 female veterans and their children and began to tell her story.

“My name is Ginger Miller, and I am a Navy veteran, and I put this Christmas party together today for you,” she said, looking at the group of strangers.

Like many of the women in the room, Miller, now president and chief executive of the nonprofit group John 14:2 Inc., has been in tough spots. Almost two decades ago, she was discharged from the Navy for medical reasons and eventually found herself homeless.

“When you get out, you don’t have that security blanket anymore,” she said, referring to housing and other benefits the military provided her.

In 1992, Miller, who was a boatswain’s mate third class, left the Navy after four years. Her husband, William, a Marine corporal, had left the service 18 months earlier after deciding not to reenlist. William had been promised a job in the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Philadelphia. But budget cuts eliminated the opening, and the couple and their 3-year-old son, William Jr., went to live with Miller’s parents in Hempstead, N.Y., her home town.

“I was lucky that I had family to go home to,” she said.

But that changed, too.

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