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Today is 06.07.2020

Helping the Homeless | Tanglewood Buzz

Elena Davis Founder of I Am Waters Foundation

Elena Davis, founder of the I Am Waters foundation, gives water and hope to people on the streets. Photo by Michael Hart

The scene is all too familiar: You approach an intersection hoping to get through the light before it turns red, but you don’t make it in time. So now you’re stuck next to a panhandler on the corner. Do you give him money? Or do you stare straight ahead hoping he’ll move on? During those uncomfortable moments at the red light, you probably wonder if he’s legitimately homeless or just running a good panhandling business.

“I’ve been asked for money more times than I can count, but never water,” Elena said. “It struck me that clean water is almost impossible to find on the street.” With that inspiration, she founded the Houston-based I Am Waters foundation that bottles water with printed words of encouragement like “faith,” “love,” “joy” and “hope.”

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