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Today is 05.29.2020

Homeless Families Living In Cars | Seminole , Florida | 60 Minutes CBS News

Eight months after a heart-wrenching story about homeless families living in economy motels, Scott Pelley brings “60 Minutes” cameras back to Central Florida to document another level of homelessness – kids and their parents living in cars. Pelley’s report will be broadcast on “60 Minutes,” Sunday Nov. 27 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.
Pelley’s report last March helped generate more than $4 million in donations for the homeless in Central Florida. Beth Davalos, who runs outreach programs for the families of homeless students in Seminole County, used some of it to purchase clothing, pay for motels and set up food banks. But it goes only so far. In the stagnant economy, many are remaining homeless longer and still more suddenly find themselves joining their ranks, reduced to living in the family car.

“The longevity of homelessness continues to rise, so people are running out of resources,” says Davalos. “The unemployment runs out. Their savings run out. The family that lent them money does not have it anymore because they’re looking at economic hardship and before you know it they find themselves living in their car because they ran out of all options,” Davalos tells Pelley.

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via 60 Minutes CBS News