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Today is 06.04.2020

Homeless Family’s Story Inspires Teachers To Raise Money | Glen Burnie , Maryland | ABC 2 News Baltimore Maryland

At any school at the end of any day, the parking lot stages a finely choreographed dance of cars and moms and heading home, but for Demarco, Shaheem and Tyrone their journey home is a complicated two-step.
Every day these boys walk away from Woodside Elementary in Glen Burnie to a park nearby.
“It makes me feel like we’re going unplanned, like we don’t know what’s going to happen next.”
Quite simply, 14 year old Demarco Gatling and his two cousins don’t know what’s going to happen.
These three boys are homeless.
They’ve moved six times in eleven months, each place less stable than the next.
So every day after school they go to a playground near the last apartment they were able to call home.
It’s here they wait, unsupervised, no one looking out for them; waiting for their grandmother to get off work for sometimes more than then six hours.
“I think, like when is she going to come and I look around and I look for her car,” said 12 year old Shaheem.
It is a sight that pains the children’s grandmother Darlene Landrum every time she pulls up to the park.
[ Does that hurt you?] Yes. But I don’t know what else to do. Should i give up my job? Then how can I help them.”
Landrum ended up with four of her grandchildren after her daughter was sent away for burglary.
At first, she crammed them into her Glen Burnie apartment until her 12 dollar an hour salary as a caregiver was stretched too thin; paid on a Friday, Landrum is often out of money by Tuesday.
She and the boys were evicted; the children now part of the more than 14 thousand Maryland school children who are homeless