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Today is 05.30.2020

Homeless Get Some ‘Cool’ Relief : I Am Waters Foundation Donates 76,000 Bottles Of Water To Shelter

KXAN Austin News | I Am Waters

The homeless got some extra help in beating the heat on Wednesday. An organization called the ‘I Am Waters Foundation’ donated about 76,000 bottles of water to the ARCH Center in Downtown Austin on Wednesday.

“The shelters love the water because they often don’t have money allocated to buy water. And the amounts of water they would need to keep everybody hydrated,” said Elena Davis, founder of the organization.

“Already this spring, we’ve seen temperatures climb into the 100 degree range and when that happens, the homeless are in our city-center, surrounded by concrete and asphalt, are struck hardest,” said Jim Orman, Executive Director of Front Steps, Inc.

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