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Today is 06.07.2020

Homeless in San Mateo | San Mateo, California | San Mateo Patch

In San Mateo proper, a total of 331 homeless people were counted this year, or 15 percent of the total homeless found throughout the county.

The survey breaks down the numbers further, with the intention of identifying homeless individuals and families and understanding their current situation as a means to ending their homelessness.

For example, of the 331 individuals found homeless this year in San Mateo, 261 had temporary shelter and 68 were found to be unsheltered – living on the street or in a vehicle or encampment. It is in the latter grouping that the county saw dramatic increases: Volunteers counted 84 cars, 40 vans or RVs, and 151 encampments countywide, an 83 percent increase since 2009.

“Almost all of them want to work, but they don’t have the money, clothes or home to get started,”

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via San Mateo Patch