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Today is 03.30.2020

Homeless In The Hurricane | Dale City, Virginia | Dale City Patch

William Howard knew the hurricane was coming, but he didn’t even have a tent to put his things in. Howard had been sleeping in the parking garage at the VRE station when a couple approached him and offered to let him stay at their home during the storm.

“They fed me, let me take a shower, gave me breakfast,” Howard said. “They said they had more than enough to share.”

Not all the homeless were so fortunate. One man who lives at a campsite in the woods said he and two others stayed with the tents to watch their belongings while others went to seek shelter. “We weathered the storm,” he said.

The man, who did not wish to be identified for privacy reasons, said that as a Navy veteran, he had been through worse storms. There are about 16 people at his campsite, but only one tent was blown over that the campsite residents were not yet able to put back up.

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