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Homeless Man, 55, Plays College Football | Chula Vista , California | Sun Sentinel

At 55 years-old, a Chula Vista man living in his van decided to try playing organized football for the first time.

Dave Wade started college four years ago and signed up for a summer football training class at Southwestern College.

“I’ve always wanted to play but I never got that opportunity,” Wade said. “One day, Coach Ed Carberry saw me run sprints and said, ‘Oh, he runs pretty good and I like his energy.’”

Wade asked Carberry if he could try out for the team.

“Next thing you know, we’re lining up for physicals and there’s Dave,” Carberry said. “And I go, ‘OK. We’ll see what’s going to happen.”

Wade started participating in practices. When Carberry found out that he was 55-years-old, he couldn’t believe it.

Coach Carberry, just two years older than Wade, eventually gave the rookie a spot on the kickoff coverage team. Wade played in a game for the first time on October 8 against San Bernadino Valley College.

“I was nervous and I was scared,” Wade said. “I just said, ‘Okay, just focus in. Run as fast as you can. Try to make the tackle.’”

What happened next will quite possibly go down as the stiff-arm heard around Southwestern.

Besides his age, Wade has overcome a great deal to play with the Jaguars. Most glaring is the fact that he is homeless and lives out of a van in the Southwestern College parking lot.

A carpenter before he lost his job due to the poor economy in 2007, Wade converted a 1995 van into his home, where he says he has lived for the past four years.

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