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Today is 05.29.2020

Homeless Student Is Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalist | Brentwood , New York | Geek

The Intel Science Talent Search is a big deal for some high school students. It attracts entries from around 1,600 seniors every year, all fighting for a share of the $1.25 million in awards and scholarships.

Competing in such a competition takes focus and dedication, which makes the achievement of one semifinalist that much more impressive.

Samantha Garvey, a senior as Brentwood High School has managed to become one of the remaining 300 semifinalists in the Intel Science Talent Search this year. Her research focused on mussels and her discovery that they change the thickness of their shells if a predator such as crabs are introduced.

Why is Garvey’s achievement so impressive? Because she, and her entire family, are homeless and rely on a local homeless shelter. Such a situation would stop many students from being able to focus on studying, let alone a research project, but Garvey has instead used her situation as motivation. In her own words she wants, “a better life…a home.”

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