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Homeless Students Face Extra Burdens | Everett , Washington | HeraldNet

They live in Rucker Hill mansions. They go home to suburban cul-de-sacs and low-income apartments. The Everett School District draws students from north Everett to Mill Creek. And walking the hall in every one of its 26 schools is a child who is homeless.

“We don’t have a school in our district that doesn’t have homeless students,” said Mary Ellen Hardy, the district’s “go-to” person that homeless families often first connect with.

As of Monday, 435 students in the Everett district were classified as “actively homeless,” Hardy said. “We have a mother with two little girls living in a campground in Startup,” she added.

Everett High School and Evergreen Middle School have the highest numbers of homeless students.

In the 2010-11 school year, the Everett district served 835 homeless students out of an overall enrollment of 18,536 students. In the current year, Hardy expects the number of homeless students to exceed 1,000 students. “It’s a constant bombardment of phone calls,” she said.

Children considered homeless include those living in shelters, unsheltered and living in cars or on the streets, those in motels or camping, and children whose families share housing with others because of the loss of their own home, said Cynthia Jones, the district’s director of categorical programs who oversees services to homeless students.

An economy mired in the longest recession since the Great Depression has had a big impact on the number of homeless students in school districts throughout Snohomish County and statewide.

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