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Homeless Tally ‘Not An Accurate Account’ Of Population In Delaware County | Muncie , Indiana | The Starpress

The homeless population in Muncie is 260, close to a 14 percent decrease compared to the 2011 numbers, according to Wednesday’s National Point-in-Time homeless count.

But according to local social service providers, that figure does not come close to the real number of people in the area in need of homeless services, a number the count is never intended to report in their opinions.

“We’ve been fighting this for years,” said Susie Kemp, executive director for Bridges Community Services, a housing agency in Muncie. “This is the most frustrating thing in the world. We’re not giving the country an accurate account of who needs services in our community. We’re just giving the government the number they want to hear.”

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the agency that coordinates the count, defines people as homeless if they are living in an emergency, transitional or domestic violence shelter or if they are living somewhere not meant for humans to inhabit such as parks, sidewalks, automobiles or abandoned buildings.

Those living with friends and family members — people who have lost their jobs or houses or apartments for various reasons — are not considered homeless by HUD standards and cannot be addressed in the count.

Many other states, such as California and Nevada, try to collect the number of homeless who are “doubling up” in homes with friends and family on the same day as the Point-in-Time count, but that’s not the case in Indiana.

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