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Today is 06.07.2020

Homeless Veterans Have A New Home | Grand Junction , Colorado | KJCT8

Rodger Holmes is one of 15 veterans that will be moving into St. Martin Place on Friday.
“For about a year I have been homeless,” Holmes said. “And it’s been an experience which I would not trade for anything because I’ve learned so much about myself and about life.”
Holmes says living on the streets can take a toll on a person’s spirit both physically and mentally.
“The loneliness, the isolation, the wonder,” he said. “The wondering of what’s going to happen tomorrow and finding something to eat, staying warm. There’s just so much involved in being out there.”
And together the VA and Catholic Outreach are providing veterans like Holmes a roof over their head. But they have rules to follow just like any other complex.
“The folks that are going to be living here are going to be dually cased managed from both the VA and catholic outreach,” VA homeless coordinator Lisa Strauss said. “They’re going to get lots and lots of support and I think as we’ll see these veterans will be just ultimately successful in their new lives.”
“The people who’ve been chosen to live here have just been very appreciative and in some cases just overwhelmed having the opportunity to have a home,” Catholic Outreach board member Doug Aden said.

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