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Today is 06.06.2020

Homeless Vets Get New Home In Fresno | Fresno , California | KMPH FOX 26

It’s a transition many can’t comprehend; going from the battlefield to a one–bedroom.

Former Marine Richard Barnes hasn’t had a stable home since he got out of the service in 1981.

“I made bad choices early on,” Barnes admitted.

But he cleaned up his act.

“In the last decade or so I started making better choices, better decisions. It’s cultivated to this place where I’m at now,” Barnes said.

Now, he’s preparing for his job as house manager at Downtown Fresno’s new Veteran’s Plaza.

“I’m being able to give back to the community. I’m a part of something that’s bigger than myself and everything around me,” Barnes said.

A project of WestCare California, the 28 bed transitional living facility will also help train veterans to go back into the workforce.

“It’s hard to find a job. It’s hard to get the training you need to get into a new career field if you don’t even have a home to come home to,” Congressman Jeff Denham said.

A veteran himself, Denham toured the site Tuesday and saw first hand, the little touches that will be a big deal.

“Dishes, TVs, couches, things that may just be sitting around your house, it makes a big difference to somebody else’s life here,” Denham said.

Richard is living proof.

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