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Today is 06.06.2020

Homeless Vets To Have Place To Call Home | Lancaster, Ohio | Lancaster Eagle Gazette

By Nov. 1, eight homeless veterans in Fairfield County will have a place to call home, if only for a couple of years.

Lutheran Social Services has pooled grant money from the Veterans Administration and its agency to buy a home on North Columbus Street that will offer hope to the homeless veterans and show them a way to go forward, said Eddie Rapp, director of Faith Housing of Fairfield County with Lutheran Social Services.

“Early in January 2010, the VA contacted us about helping to house homeless veterans from the area,” Rapp said. “We’ve been working with the homeless for more than 20 years and they wanted to know if we could help.”

The first thing LSS provided at the emergency shelter was space set aside for veterans who could stay for 90 days while getting help and specialized counseling.

“Right now, we have 10 veterans with us,” said Paul Wymer, case manager for veterans with Lutheran Social Services.

Wymer said the VA also wanted a longer-stay facility for homeless veterans that could last two years.

Using a 65 percent grant from the VA, Lutheran Social Services bought a two-story home at 843 N. Columbus St.

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