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Today is 06.02.2020

Homelessness Also Affects Children, Schools | Florence, Alabama | Times Daily

Robin Ryan doesn’t know where her sons’ back-to-school supplies or clothing will come from, now that her family is living in a cramped two-bed motel room at Knights Inn in Florence.

In late March, Ryan, her husband and three teenage sons became homeless when they lost their Tuscumbia home and their only vehicle was repossessed this summer.

The lack of money, adequate shelter, food and transportation worries Ryan as her sons, a 14-year-old at Florence Freshmen Center and 16-year-old at Florence High School, prepare to start school this month.

“School’s fixing to start and we have no money for school supplies and no money for school clothes,” she said. “Especially at that age, (kids) need everything. They don’t have underwear, socks and don’t even have backpacks.”

Ryan’s husband is a plumber and gets a ride to work each day, while she goes into work as her employer needs her. She said they spend more than $260 a week on motel costs. With their limited income, it’s impossible to save money, she said.

Ryan, 40, said not having a vehicle has been the most devastating part of being homeless. Not having enough shelter space, food and money also has been difficult on the family.

“We are down on our luck and cannot pull ourselves out of this situation,” she said. “We have no family, no one to turn to and we’re not the type of family to go live at someone else’s house and take up their space.”

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