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Today is 06.02.2020

Homelessness In Los Angeles Drops — But Rises 24 Percent Among Veterans | Los Angeles, California | Huffington Post

Homelessness in Los Angeles was on the decline over the last two years, even in the teeth of the recession — but at the same time, homelessness among veterans has shot up 24 percent since 2009, according to a report the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority released Tuesday.

That statistic, based on a count conducted in January, could provide ammo for organizations suing the Department of Veterans Affairs over the lack of supportive housing in the county.

“This data really confirms the theory of our case,” said ACLU staff attorney David Sapp. “What the VA is currently making available is not working.”

The VA of Greater Los Angeles said it could not confirm the Homeless Services Authority’s estimate. According to the VA Northeast Program Evaluation Center, the number of homeless veterans served in the L.A. area went up from 6,397 in Fiscal Year 2009 to 6,641 in Fiscal Year 2010.

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