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Today is 06.06.2020

Honolulu Man Documents Homeless Experience: Homeless Man Shares Struggles, Successes | Honolulu, Hawaii | KITV.com

HONOLULU — It can be hard to put a face on Hawaii’s homeless, because each person has their own reasons for how they ended up on the streets.
But for the past year, Joe Bright had been a voice for the homeless as he documented his struggles and successes.
Bright is a Honolulu businessman who runs an acupuncture clinic.
“I grew up here, graduated Iolani and ended up going to art school in New York City,” said Bright.
But Joe ended up being homeless after a series of financial and emotional setbacks turned his life upside down.
“I was in a deeper hole, deeper hole that was bigger than I could even fill,” said Bright.
Bright, like thousands of others who live on the streets, struggled to deal with a sense of identity while maintaining a functional life. He also faced the physical and mental challenges of being homeless.
“There’s a sense of heartbreak in this, no matter what started it, of something going terribly wrong. There is that depression that sets in,” said Bright.

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