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Today is 06.02.2020

Hot Temperatures Threaten Homeless | Tulsa, Oklahoma | Tulsa World

With temperatures steadily topping 100 degrees, soup kitchens and shelters are taking extra steps to care for the homeless and hungry.

Friday was Tulsa’s 11th straight day of triple-digit temperatures with a high of 112.

Iron Gate recently purchased fans and umbrellas and installed misters in its garden for guests waiting to get inside to eat.

The menu was also modified for the heat by adding as much fruit and light items as possible, executive director Connie Cronley said.

“We have to be mindful of the physical conditions of our guests who eat here, too,” she said. “Many are in poor dental health and are missing some or all of their teeth. So we try to have bananas because they’re soft and have good potassium that is lost from perspiration.”

On Wednesday, Iron Gate received 125 pounds of watermelon and 25 cases of bananas from the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

The soup kitchen is also staying open until noon. It’s still serving a hearty entree each morning, but there are more salads and fruits, and lots of water and fruit juice.

For many, this the only meal of the day.

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