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Today is 06.07.2020

Houston Woman Gives Cold Water, Words of Hope To Homeless | Houston Chronicle

Bottles of Hope

Photograph by James Nielson | Chronicle Charles Williams with the Star of Hope Mission hands out water to the less fortunate in Houston . The I Am Waters Foundation donated 35,000 bottles of water to distribute to the homeless.

Elena Davis was touched by a simple request from a homeless woman on a hot summer day not long ago. Sitting at a stoplight, she saw the woman moving car to car.
She expected the woman to ask for money. Instead, she was thirsty; she wanted water.

Davis’s kind heart and determined spirit went to work. She imagined a charity driven by compassion for those who live on the margins of society. Her dream became the I Am Waters Foundation that this past summer distributed 80,000 bottles of cold water to the city’s homeless. Each bottle bears a single word of inspiration — Peace or Hope – and the foundation’s logo.

Via Houston Chronicle by Diane Cowen

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