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Today is 06.07.2020

Houston Woman Has Spent a Lifetime Helping Elderly Homeless | Houston, Texas | Chron

A collage of photographs in the front office of the Turning Point Center captures the joy and heartache of Isha Salas Desselle’s daily work.
Desselle, the center’s founder, looks at a picture of a frail woman who once lived at the center. The homeless woman, whom she described as a “real fighter,” had several ailments and had suffered a broken arm, wrist and ankle by the time she found refuge at the homeless shelter for the elderly.
Then there’s the photo of the elderly man who had cataracts and was evicted from his apartment.
“He couldn’t see to help himself,” recalled Desselle. “He was referred to us. We helped him get his operation and his disability benefits.”
Both residents eventually got back on their feet with assistance from the center, but many more downtrodden senior citizens have come after them. And Desselle has been there for the past two decades to provide the support they need to turn their lives around. As the only homeless shelter for the elderly in Houston…

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