I Am Waters

Today is 04.08.2020

Can A Water Bottle Really Improve A Homeless Person’s Life?

Safe, clean drinking water is not a luxury but the human body’s most fundamental need. It is something that the homeless in American too often can not get.

I Am Waters Foundation was founded to offer the homeless more than just clean safe water within our branded bottles, but also to deliver encouragement and hope to them as they face challenging days.

By pairing physical hydration with spiritual hydration, I Am Waters wants to help American homeless to be healthy, be inspired, and move towards stability. Here is how some of the homeless individuals who received our bottles told us they used them this summer:

  • A mother used our water to mix her baby’s formula while they travelled daily on long bus routes.
  • Another mother kept her active children with chronic health issues hydrated and healthy during 100 degree days.
  • A veteran froze them overnight at the shelter and carried them throughout the day as he went on job interviews
  • A young woman placed them on the window ledge in the shelter to catch the light and reflect the words, comforting and inspiring her.
  • One mother told us she felt like giving up in a dark moment in a shelter, but saw our bottle, read the letters L (HEART), V E on it. As she saw the word “LIVE” on the bottle, she said she “chose to live” at the moment to carry on for herself and her family
  • A homeless man was able to move into permanent housing and brought empty IAW bottles into his new home to display over the fireplace and remind him to keep hope alive every day.

If you want to help the homeless move forward by meeting their most basic need – fresh, safe water – make a donation to I Am Waters today.

I Am Waters mission is to hydrate the bodies of homeless women, children and men who don’t have access to life’s most basic necessities.