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Today is 06.05.2020

I Am Waters Delivers 70,000 Bottles Of Water And Hope To The Star Of Hope | Houston, Texas | ABC 13 News

HOUSTON (KTRK) — With the heat at dangerous levels, non-profit agencies are launching a big campaign to help the homeless.
At a warehouse on the northwest side, volunteers are preparing to hand out bottles of water. In all, more than 186,000 bottles of water will be passed out across the Houston area.
This is the second year that the I Am Waters Foundation is taking on this effort. This year, they have effectively doubled the number of water bottles they’re distributing across Texas. Their hope is to expand their effort to California next year.
Volunteers hope the water lasts through September, but given the scorching heat even before the official start of summer coupled with a rise in the homeless population, they say they’re willing to make more water if need be
“How long will it last? It depends on how long the heat lasts, how hot it is and if the homeless population as it stands now keeps growing. There’s 25 percent more people utilizing shelters this summer than there were last summer,” said Elena Davis of the I Am Waters Foundation.

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via ABC 13 KTRK Houston