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Today is 06.04.2020

I Am Waters Foundation Releases New Book Entitled “Dream” | Culture Map Houston

Elena Davis, Karen Pulaski, Raquel Segal and I Am Waters Foundation Book Dream

Raquel Segal, from left, Elena Davis and Karen Pulaski spread the message on the I Am Waters project. Photo by Jenny Antill

When Karen Pulaski and Raquel Segal raised the flag for the new non-profit I Am Waters, more than 60 fashionable/influential friends turned out at Pulaski’s West U home to learn about the charity that provides physical and spiritual hydration for the homeless in Houston and beyond.

I Am Waters president and founder Elena Davis talked about the group’s summer water project which distributed 80,000 bottles of water, labeled with words of inspiration, to Houston’s homeless through area shelters including SEARCH and Star of Hope. Guests such as Katie Brass, Mary and Vincent Kickerillo, Patty and Craig Biggio had a first look at the new book, DREAM, which puts a face on America’s homeless through images shot by Peter Duke, the foundation’s LA-based photographer who has recorded images of the homeless in the past year in three American cities.

Via Culture Map | Houston by Shelby Hodge

Culture Map Houston

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