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Today is 06.05.2020

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Anthony's Journal

Anthony Iles, case worker assistant on the project access bus from Healthcare For The Homeless, shares some inspiring stories he witnessed while delivering I Am Waters’ bottles of water to the Houston homeless over the summer. Article written by Carlie Brown (Healthcare For The Homeless)

Anthony an intern from Health Care For The HomelessProject Access is Houston’s only free transportation service for homeless persons. It’s a 40 passenger bus that operates a route covering 21 homeless service agencies. Every weekday for the last three months, Anthony loads up cases of water from the I am Waters Foundation and hauls them across the street to wait for the 1:33 pm Project Access Bus, where he spends the rest of the afternoon handing out the water and passing on information about local resources. “I’m big on humanity,” he says in his soft spoken humbleness, as he recounts several of the people that remind him of the difference a bottle of water can make—a seemingly small act that addresses one of life’s most basic needs.
“Thank you for the water,” the woman says. She has been waiting for six hours at the county hospital for her medication, which she has been out of for two weeks. She explained that she needed to get on the bus so she could take her medication. “I would have had to wait until I could find something to drink from or wait until tonight when I got to the shelter.”

A gentleman in his mid 50s gets on the bus with an empty bottle of water. It has the word HOPE written down the side of it. He rides the Project Access bus regularly, and between rides, he carries the empty bottle with him. When he finds a water spigot or fountain he fills it up again. On his next ride he trades in the bottle for a new one…maybe PEACE this time.