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Today is 04.08.2020

It’s Back To School, Even For The Homeless | Albany, New York | WNYT NBC 13

It was back to school today for many kids, but all the kids being picked up by the school bus don’t necessarily live in suburban, urban or rural areas.

They don’t live anywhere – because they’re homeless. And it’s a big problem in our area.

If 12-year-old Noah Slagle was asked to write an essay on how he spent his summer, it wouldn’t include memories of summer camp, backyard swimming, or trips to Disneyland.

Noah is homeless, and spent his summer drawing pictures in his hotel room.

His mom Latisha has a part-time job, but hasn’t been able to find one that’s full-time.

“I was looking everywhere, I went putting in applications anytime I’d seen help wanted” said Latisha.

The Slagles have been homeless for four months.

Noah doesn’t understand what a downturn in the economy means, but he does understand his family’s situation.

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via WNYT NBC 13