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Today is 05.31.2020

Little Leaguers Donate To Homeless Shelter | Harlingen , Texas | Valley Central

A tournament Saturday at Wilson Park had Muniz taking on a different task, counting canned food.

“We try and raise as much as we can as far as canned goods, turkeys, gift certificates, gift cards, and everything goes to Loaves and Fishes to help needy families around Harlingen,” Muniz said.

About 40 teams participated in the weekend’s tournament.

Organizers asked players and their families to donate to the second annual Thanksgiving food drive to benefit the shelter.

That was good news for the shelter’s Executive Director, Bill Reagan.

He said economic times continue taking a toll on families.

“‘Well it’s really overwhelming,” Reagan said. “Our dining room is full everyday and everyday for breakfast as well, and we pass out food bags every Wednesday and Thursday, and there’s a line out the door, and we pass out everything we get all the time.”

Another league director said the economy also took a toll on their drive.

At the end of the day, they collected slightly less food than last year.

Reagan said the athletes that helped with the food drive are winning on the field and in life.

“Thanksgiving is really a giving thing, not just something that’s a mental attitude or feeling or sentiment. It’s an action,” Reagan said.

If you would like to donate or volunteer at Loaves and Fishes, call 956-423-1014.

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