I Am Waters

Today is 06.06.2020

Melissa And Trace Homeless Couple Dealing With Grand Mall Seizures and Holding Down A Job While Living On The Streets

Melissa and Trace are a married homeless couple. He suffers from grand mall seizures. Melissa works, Trace’s seizures preclude him from working.

Melissa: “If anyone would have ever told me I would be homeless one day, I would have looked at them like they were crazy or a liar. My dream for my life is to have stability for my family and defeat homelessness…to enjoy a home, my life, my family. It’s weird because if anyone saw us walking on the street nobody would know we’re homeless, we don’t look homeless. I work and hold down a job, it’s just not enough to cover our overhead”

Trace: “The word HOPE makes me feel like I hope to get off the streets soon”

Melissa:”The water bottles are artistic and simple, they look nice in my hand. I love the PEACE bottles a lot! I kept it because it’s beautiful and I like beautiful things. We’re homeless but we go to the museums all the time to be reminded of beauty…we want to see the two new exhibits advertised.”

Trace: “When I first saw it I thought that a letter was missing, but when you turn the bottle you can see the heart completes the word. I can see the bottle is telling me to DREAM. It helps me to set a goal for myself.”

Trace:”My DREAM for myself is to be off the streets…I’m a danger to myself on the streets. I have seizures on concrete it’s done a lot of damage. I’ve busted the side of my head open and scraped up my face. The heat and being dehydrated makes my seizures much worse. I carry a lot of I Am Waters bottles on the street with me, I keep them in my backpack because it’s hot and I can’t always get water.