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Today is 06.06.2020

Number Of Erie County Homeless Rises To 8,500, 60% For First Time | Erie, New York | Buffalo News

An estimated 8,500 people ended up homeless in Erie County in 2009-10 — and three out of five of those people had never experienced homelessness before, a new report found.

The number was significantly higher than in 2008-09, when the Homeless Alliance of Western New York tracked a total of 6,683 homeless people in Erie County.

But researchers cautioned against comparing the numbers or drawing definitive conclusions, because the 2008-09 figures were less complete than the more recent data.

Rather than a large increase in homelessness, the data reveals that more human-services agencies were participating in a countywide Homeless Management Information System managed by the Homeless Alliance, the report concluded.

Other statistics — including twice-yearly “point-in-time” counts and monthly snapshot data collected from area homeless shelters — suggest that homelessness has remained largely steady in the county, said Dale Zuchlewski, executive director of the Homeless Alliance.

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